Torn Between the Highland Brothers – (Extended Epilogue)


Five years later

“What are ye workin’ on, Bram?” Kyla asked. She was cradling their youngest child in her arms in the library, and Bram was sitting at a nearby table, writing furiously.

“Och, I was writin’ a letter. It seems that we are soon tae be enterin’ a truce with England, but I doubt that will last for long. Nae with Wallace and Bruce at the helm of this country.”

Kyla could see that Bram’s expression was grim. It had been difficult over the last five years with the constant uprisings and battles that had followed the Battle of Dunbar. It seemed that there was no end to England’s desire for conquest of the wild Scottish Highlands. Her husband had grown more fatigued because of it. However, he had been no less loving. The comfort of his family had helped to soothe him.

“Father,” their oldest child, Robert, said, coming to slide into Bram’s lap. “Will ye teach me how tae write letters one day?”

Bram’s smile returned, and he laid a kiss atop his son’s head. “Aye, lad, of course, but I think ye will find that it is yer Mother who is the better teacher. Has she nae already outsmarted most of yer tutors?” Bram looked at Kyla and winked.

She rolled her eyes. “They were simply uninformed about the outside world. It is as if they have hardly read a word! I couldnae have Robert learnin’ from them. Nor would I ever plague Ruth with them either,” she said, glancing down at her baby. She stood up and wandered around to Bram’s side of the desk.

“Will ye come walk, m’love? It is a beautiful sunny day, and the English can wait. I think it time that we all get a bit of fresh air.”

“Quite right, quite right,” Bram replied, nodding his head as he stood up. “Thank ye, lass.”

Soon, the children were sent away with a very pregnant Mary; Bram and Kyla left the castle, hand in hand. “Tae the loch?” he asked, and she beamed, nodding her head.

“Of course. Where else?”

They spoke idly together as they wandered up the grassy hillside until they found the small valley between two hills in which the loch lay. The air was clean and fresh, and the loch sparkled like crystal under the sunlight.

“Do ye ever think of Clyde, Bram?”

Bram looked down. “I thought this was meant tae be a happy walk, Kyla.”

“I ken. I was only curious. This loch reminded me of him. It does sometimes and how Michael caught us here kissin’ one day.”

He grinned. “Aye, now that is a happy memory. I do think of Clyde, sometimes. I wonder how he fares in prison. I wonder if he ever thinks of me or his family. I wonder if he cares that he cannae be an uncle tae our children. But these thoughts bring me nae joy. They merely remind me of the ache in m’ heart for m’ old brither.”

Kyla held onto his hand tightly. “I ken. I cannae imagine what I would do if I lost Arla in such a way. I understand yer pain. I am sorry tae have brought it up.”

Bram took a breath and slid his arm around Kyla’s waist, looking out at the loch. “Nae, lass. It is a good thing tae discuss it. I wanted him gone but nae dead. He still lives; I can feel it in m’ heart. That does give me some comfort that I feel I did what was right. Besides, here, in this magical place, with ye at m’ side, I cannae imagine feelin’ any sort of sadness or pain.”

He turned to her with a wicked gleam in his eye and leaned down to kiss her. It had been five years since their marriage, and yet their desire for one another never quelled. Even more so, Kyla felt like butter in Bram’s strong arms. With a passionate kiss, Bram could make all her limbs weaken and her brain hazy that she thought of nothing else.

But this time, out in the sunshine by the blue water, this was more than a kiss. It had started out gently, but then it grew in heat as Bram’s mouth opened to hers and his tongue slid inside. At first, his hands had gripped her waist, but now they had moved behind her, grasping her buttocks. He pushed her against his hardening length, and in a moment, Kyla’s desire pooled hotly in her belly.

Now that they were married, there was no reason for them to hide their love or have to hurry away to secret alcoves to get a stolen kiss or tryst, but the idea of it was exciting. Kyla didn’t fight it as Bram began to pull at her gown and the pins in her hair. Her hair tumbled down her back and began to blow in the slight breeze.

She pulled at his shirt and worked at the ties on his breeches. Soon enough, the pair of them were bare and exposed. She thought nothing of it as Bram lowered her down to the ground. They hadn’t even spoken, so entranced they were by one another’s kiss. But once he was on top of her, his mouth roamed. Down her neck, over her shoulder. One hand grasped a large breast, and his mouth moved to the other, licking, suckling until Kyla felt ready to scream with the pleasure of it.

“I have never tired of these beauties, Kyla. Ye seem tae have grown even bonnier since we first met.”

He leaned up so that she could see him wink. She chuckled as she spread her legs and wrapped them around him. His brows lifted in surprise. “I see ye are eager.” His gaze darkened. “Good.”

“I am always eager for ye, Bram.” He entered her roughly, and even though it had happened so often, Kyla still gasped at the thrilling pleasure of it. Bram filling her until she couldn’t be filled anymore was true bliss. She lifted her hips slightly so that she could take him deeper.

Bram locked eyes with her, and he began to move, slowly, teasingly, but she wrapped her legs tighter so that he could enter her even more. She could see the muscles tighten in his neck as he felt his pleasure. She grabbed onto the backs of his arms as he rode her faster and faster, thrusting deeply until her nails bit into his skin and her voice lifted up to the sky.

He kept going, sweat forming on his brow, but soon enough, Bram growled out her own name, and then the two of them were lying entwined together in the cool, green grass. Their chests rose and fell, and Bram wrapped his arms about Kyla as they caught their breath.

Eventually, Bram grinned. “Ye surprise me every time, Lady Ewan, with just how enticin’ and bold ye can be.”

Kyla laughed and spread her hand on Bram’s strong chest. “Ye have taught me well just what gives ye the most pleasure, Laird Ewan.”

Her eyes moved down his chest until they looked at his length. She bit her lip. Bram followed her gaze and said, “As much as I would love nothin’ more than tae have yer lips wrapped around me tightly, I think I will have tae rest afore I can come tae life again.”

“Fair enough,” she said brightly. “We have the evenin’ tae look forward tae again.”

“That we do.” Bram stood and helped Kyla to her feet, and the two of them dressed, laughing about something that Robert had said earlier that morning.

They were just turning to leave the loch, hand in hand once more, when Liam rode up to them, a look of confused excitement on his face. “Laird and Lady,” he said with a grin. “I didnae wish tae make ye wait any longer, or rather yer guest didnae wish tae wait for yer return.”

“What is it, Liam?” Kyla asked. “Is everythin’ all right?”

“I think so, but I dinnae think that Arla does,” Liam added. “Here, ye take m’ horse. I shall walk back tae the castle. It is ye both that she wishes tae see.”

“Arla? But we were nae expectin’ her,” Kyla said with confusion. “How has she arrived?”

“Well, kennin’ the lass, I am certain that she will tell ye herself, but apparently, she escaped yer father’s castle and rode here on horseback. Alone.”

Kyla’s eyes widened, and Bram merely laughed. “Och, it seems that we are in for an adventure again, lass. Come. Let us go and see just what it is she has tae tell us.” Bram jumped onto the horse and reached down to lift Kyla tae sit in front of him.

As they rode back to the castle, Bram whispered, “Perhaps we need tae find a more secure place. Why, Liam could have arrived just as we were in the height of our pleasures.”

Kyla laughed, but her heart was still focused on what on earth Arla was doing there.


Arla McCormack, now a fiery twenty-two-year-old beauty, was pacing back and forth in her sister’s castle. She had just arrived and heard that they were out somewhere. Knowing them, they could be gone for hours, and Arla didn’t want to wait hours. She needed their help because she was certain that her father’s men were on her heels and could arrive any time, perhaps even that very day!

She shook her head. “I willnae marry that beast. I willnae!” She stomped back and forth in her heavy leather boots and riding trousers that she had stolen from one of the men back at her castle. Just as she was making her tenth turn about the hall, she heard a tiny voice call out to her.

“Aunt Arla?”

Arla turned to see Robert wandering down the steps, rubbing his eyes. Arla’s heart eased considerably at the sight of her sweet nephew. “Robert!” she cried and rushed to him, picking him up and laying a big kiss on his cheek. “Now, it looks like ye have just woken from a nap. What are ye doin’ out here alone? Where is Mary?”

“She is with Ruth, gettin’ her tae sleep. I didnae want tae sleep anymore. I heard the sounds down here and wanted tae see what it is. Father says I must always be ready for intruders intae the castle.”

Arla chuckled. “Ye will be a good laird one day, then, lad. I am sorry that ye thought I might be an intruder. But ye should nae wake up tae early, ye ken, for then later, ye might just be tae tired tae play games or even eat dinner.”

Robert’s eyes widened in fear at the thought of missing games and food. Arla laughed again. “What are ye doin’ here, Aunt Arla? Mother didnae say that ye were comin’. Why did she nae say?”

“Well, it is more of a surprise, Robert.” She put him down and knelt down to his height. “I wanted tae come and surprise ye,” she lied, and she tried her best to smile. “Do ye nae like surprises?”

Robert’s surprised look turned tae one of happiness. “Aye. I like surprises. Can we play that game ye taught me last time?”

“Of course, of course, but first, I need tae speak tae yer mother and father. I am waitin’ for them now.”

She stood up again, and Robert reached up to grasp her hand. Just then, Bram and Kyla entered the hall, and Kyla rushed forward to grasp Arla in a quick hug. She looked ever so slightly pale, and Arla felt a little guilty for making her sister worry. “Well, ye dinnae look sick or injured. That is a good thing.”

Bram smiled and hugged Arla as well. “Now, will ye tell us what is goin’ on? Ye are most welcome, of course, but we didnae ken that ye wished tae come. What is this emergency?”

Arla’s good mood at the sight of Robert was now spoiled. She began to pace again, and Robert returned to his mother’s side. He was grateful that they hadn’t noticed that he was without Mary in their surprise at his aunt’s arrival.

Arla threw up her hands in the air. “Well, we might as well sit.”

She sat down at one of the tables, and Bram and Kyla followed. Seeing the tense look in Arla’s eye, he called for wine to be brought.

Kyla leaned forward to try to grasp her sister’s trembling hand. “Tell us, Arla. What is it? Ye have escaped Father?’

“So, I have,” she said hotly, her eyes narrowing. She stood up again to pace. “I had tae leave, Kyla, and I came here because I thought that ye would be able tae help me.”

“We will do whatever we can, lass. Of course. Ye are family,” Bram said with confidence. The servant brought wine, and Arla waited as they poured it. She took the cup and drank a large gulp.

“I had tae leave Father because he is attemptin’ tae marry me off.”

Kyla frowned. “I kenned that this time would come. We both did. But surely ye didnae think that ye could avoid it. Is there somethin’ wrong with the man he has chosen?”

Arla almost screamed; she couldn’t believe her sister was almost defending her father’s actions. “Wrong? What is nae wrong with him? He is old, unseemly, and a menace! And I ken that the only reason Father is wantin’ us tae marry is that he owes the man a debt. I dinnae ken what kind of debt, but somethin’. Why else would he do this tae me? I could nae remain. I had tae leave, but I am certain his men will be here soon tae take me back. Will ye help me?”

Bram and Kyla looked at each other for a moment. Kyla turned to her sister and was about to reply when they were disturbed by Lucas, the second to Liam. He had entered the room, a strange look in his eye.

“Laird, it seems that the men on the battlements spotted a group of wagons comin’ this way.”

Arla’s heart was fluttering in her chest at the mention of carriages. “Ye see? He must be here already!” She turned to see the man who had been so rude to her all those years ago and Bram and Kyla’s wedding. Her mood worsened at the sight of Lucas, grinning once he spotted her.
Och, just what I needed.


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