Lairds, Lasses, and a romantic tale for the ages…

FREE NOVEL: Chasing a Highland Lass

Running away from the man who broke her heart made the chase even more dangerous.

Miriam's dreams were so close to coming true. She was going to marry the man she was in love with, their clans would be united and thriving, and she would be the happiest woman in Scotland.

But it takes only a moment for dreams to shatter…

Miriam witnesses her betrothed, Jamie, leaving their engagement feast with another woman.

Bearing a wounded pride, she travels to his castle to cancel their marriage, even if her heart still belongs to him.

If she only knew that this decision would put her in grave danger... For an assassin is on the loose. And Miriam is his target.

Now, her life hangs by a thread and, only the man who hurt her can save her. But time is running out as the clock is ticking faster than Jamie can run to her rescue

Only he can mend the heart he once broke…

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My Story

Juliana Wight is a Scottish-American author of Scottish Romance books. She started writing when she was still a teenager, and after a fateful night with her father, she decided that all she wanted to focus on was narrating stories around the beauty of the Scottish Highlands.

The reviews that she receives praise the development of her characters, the plot twists in her novels, and the beautiful scenery of Scotland.

She lives in Boston, Massachusetts with her husband, Jonathan, and her daughter. Before Juliana started publishing her novels she worked as an HR in a company. While she enjoyed her previous job, it was a dream come true to become an author and she would do anything to achieve that.

Note from Juliana

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