Wicked Highland Spell (Extended Epilogue)


In many ways, the little village was nothing like Maisie remembered. But at the same time, it was exactly as it had been when she left. Maisie looked around as children ran past her, chasing after chickens and goats. It was a lot brighter than she remembered, that was for sure. It was funny what eleven years could do to a place. The pathways and the layout of the soil was still the same, but many buildings were much different. Even the yards were different. There was only one house that was exactly the way she remembered it. It was the house that she had grown up in.

Maisie was back in her old village, the one where she had been living in when she and her mother made one mistake to heal a child that led to her mother being burned at the stake. It had been a year since her wedding with Creighton and she had been helping her husband make good on his promise to make sure that nothing like the witch hunts ever happened again. Over the year, apart from helping rebuild the villages that were destroyed, Creighton had also been personally visiting the villages in his clan one by one to speak to them about superstition and witchery. He visited each village to make sure he gave them knowledge and uprooted the fear of the unknown from them. He hoped that next time someone was accused of being a witch, they would stand as a village and protect that person.

He took her with him to explain to the people that healing was not witchery, and she demonstrated making medicine in front of the people as well as treated whatever ailments they had. Of course, there were some who did not accept being made to watch what they considered witchery in broad daylight, but they never got as far as actually harming Maisie. That was what the soldiers were for. Those who spoke hate against her or tried to harm her were held by the soldiers led by Jamie.

Creighton would then explain to the people that what he taught them was the truth, but he understood that some would not accept it so quickly, which was why he was going to give soldiers the extra duty of dealing with such people if they made trouble for those who wanted to pursue knowledge. He made it a law in the villages that if someone who was studying was bullied by anyone or shunned because of their knowledge or called a witch, the victim could report to the soldiers guarding the village and the matter would be dealt with as seriously as stealing.

In truth, Jamie, who had only just married Fiona was not very happy about following them around on their trips to enlighten the villages of the clan. But he knew that it was for the benefit of the clan in the long run, so he did not complain too much and tried to be patient with them. Fiona stayed behind in the castle to hold down the fort as head maid while they were away and keep things running. Maisie knew she would not be bored as Darla was staying with her since her husband, Obadiah, was also on guard duty and following Creighton and Maisie.

They were all one big happy family doing their part in changing their clan for the better. This village was the last one they were visiting, not necessarily because it was the furthest away, but because Maisie was not sure if she was ready to face the village again. However, she had decided she was ready now, especially since she had a huge surprise for Creighton. She was handling being back better than she had thought she would. Even when she saw the spot for the burnings, still charred from how many fires had been burned there all those years ago, she had had just squeezed the wood carving of her family that Creighton had given her.

Now they were standing in front of her old house. The door was still broken in, but now there were a million spiderwebs in the doorway, and dust had made the house its home over the years. It seemed that no one had touched the place since she and her uncle left. Probably, wanted nothing to do with the witch’s home. Maisie was happy, in a way. At least their fear made them leave her home exactly the way it was so that she could come to it now and watch her husband on one knee in front of the house, butchering what was supposed to be an introductory speech to her mother.

“So, what I am saying is that it is nice to meet ye as the man who is making yer daughter happy. I mean, I think I am making her happy? Alright, maybe trying to make yer daughter happy? No, the man who wants to make your daughter happy,” Creighton was saying. Jamie, standing behind him, had a terrible grimace on his face as he watched him fumble.

“This has been going on for ten minutes now, oh me God, stop him! Or I will lose me mind!” Jamie whispered to her urgently as she passed him.

Maisie chuckled under her breath. It was true that Creighton was doing an awful job. He had been nervous the whole way because he said he wanted to attempt an introduction to her mother. If her mother had been alive and this was how he came to introduce himself, she would have chased him away with a broom already. Still, she would not allow Jamie to make fun of her husband like that.

“Oh, but ye are one tae talk, I remember very well how ye were stuttering and falling all over yer words when ye were set to meet Fiona’s mother. Ye dae nae get tae laugh at all,” Maisie said. Jamie pursed his lips and narrowed his eyes at her, causing her to laugh out loud.

“Ye make a hard argument to follow,” he said and she nodded, giving him a look. Passing him, she went over to Creighton and wrapped her hands around his neck.

“So, what Creighton has been trying tae say, Mother, is that he is now me family, and he will take good care of me in yer stead and dae his best tae make me happy,” Maisie said, saving Creighton from his stuttering. He chuckled and got to his feet, holding her in his arms.

“Aye, ma’am, that is what I meant,” he said. Maisie smiled; this was a perfect time to give him the news she had.

“Aye, Mother, and I wanted to introduce you to a new member of the family. I hope ye will continue to watch over us three,” she said and put his hand on her belly. It took Creighton a few moments to understand, but Jamie, who got it immediately, had his eyes and mouth wide open. He hopped from foot to foot in a moment of pure excitement, but then pulled himself together and waited for Creighton’s reaction.

“Maisie… Maisie does that mean what I think it means?” Creighton asked, his voice shaky.

Getting emotional because he was getting emotional, Maisie felt tears fill up in her eyes as she nodded.

“Aye… with the symptoms I have been getting and how long ago I last saw blood, I am pregnant, Creighton,” Maisie said.

Creighton was still staring at her with the same shocked expression, but now tears were flowing from his eyes uncontrollably.

“I… I am going tae be a father?” he asked, sobbing, and falling to his knees with his face to her belly. In the corner of her eye, she could see Jamie having a field day laughing at Creighton and she shot him a look. Oh, she would definitely remember that for when it was his turn. She would make sure that Creighton heard of what he was doing, and they would mock him into the ground that day.

She laughed happily as Creighton lifted her up, spinning her around.

“I am going to be a father!” he declared. Maisie laughed and enjoyed the breeze in her face as he spun her.

I hope ye are watching, Mother, yer daughter is doing just fine. Please continue tae watch over us as we become even happier.

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