To Hell with a Highlander (Extended Epilogue)


Six months later

“I am nae sure that it is such a good idea,” Bryce said as he blocked one of his wife’s swings with her broadsword. “Ye are four months pregnant, Lorna!” he cried again as he ducked out of the way of her next swing.

“Donnae say such things, Bryce, or ye will feel even greater wrath from me,” Lorna said, and they parried for a little while, Bryce backing away, feeling the strength in Lorna’s movements. She had experienced much sickness in the first few months of her pregnancy. Now that she was feeling better, she was eager to return to fighting.

“But what of the baby?” he asked, wincing a little as he felt a particularly strong swing against his sword.

“Ye ken that the healer told me it was fine. That a little bit of movement is a good thing. We must take a walk later, too. I willnae be imprisoned in me own home because of this. It is nae a disease. It is a natural thing that many women experience.”

“Aye, I ken.” Bryce stopped holding back, and he fought against her for a little while until they were both breathless and moist with sweat. He had other thoughts of how to make her breathless, and none of them included fighting.

After they stood, swords in hand, breathing hard, Lorna slid hers into the belt around her waist. She looked around them. “Thank ye. I needed that greatly. I would prefer tae fight outside, but the snow is too thick for that.”

“I am glad that ye didnae decide tae fight outside anyway,” he teased, sliding his own sword into its scabbard. “It is too damned cold, and I had nae interest in freezing me bloody bollocks off.”

She laughed, and Bryce was reminded of how bonny Lorna was, how she had grown in beauty each day in their marriage. The pregnancy had also brought out a new glow in her. “Aye, well that wouldnae be a good thing, would it?”

She pulled him close and place a kiss on his mouth. He laid soft hands on her waist. “Nae. But even though I fear for the baby, I do enjoy sparring with ye. It gives me great joy.”

“And I saw it in yer eyes. Ye were a little afraid I might decide tae run ye through a few seconds ago.”

He laughed and together they walked up the stairs, his arm around her. “Maybe only slightly. I should have learned after all this time that I cannae make me wife do anything she doesnae want.”

“Aye, a good lesson tae learn.” She leaned her head on his shoulder. “But I am grateful that ye care so much about me health and that of the child. I swear tae ye, though, that I did speak with the new healer, and he said that it would be a good thing. Nae too much, mind, and I should nae fall or anything of that sort. But movement is nae a bad thing.”

“Good, good. Then I would be happy tae walk with ye later. We must just wrap up warm. Furs and cloaks and strong boots. There is a small path made in the snow by the servants that leads down tae the village. We can walk that way if ye like.”

“Aye, that sounds lovely.” They wandered through the hall until they reached the stairs to the upper floors. “I think that I should like tae bathe before we eat our morning meal. Kyla has put a tray in the room.”

“Och, good,” Bryce said in a low voice. “I want ye all tae meself for a little while. Without yer grandparents or anyone else.”

Lorna giggled as they entered their shared chamber. A fire was crackling, and the room was warm and comfortable. The bed looked even more so, strewn with thick furs. He had intentions that morning, but she was so eager to get up and move a little that they hadn’t had time.

“What a beautiful tray of food,” she said, her eyes wide with pleasure as she looked down at it. She popped a piece of fruit into her mouth and turned back to smile at him. Bryce grinned and took off his belt and began to unbutton his shirt.

“I think ye should ken Lorna that even though I was slightly scared for me life a little while ago, I still love ye. It only gets better with time.”

“Well,” she said lifting a brow. “That is a good thing tae hear. I am happy that our lives are a mixture of love and danger.” She began to pull at the shoulders of her morning gown. Bryce’s eyes were drawn there.

He turned to the basin of water against the wall and picked up a cloth and wetted it. He lifted it in the air. “May I assist ye with bathing, then?”

She grinned. “Of course, but first ye must help me with undressing.”

“Now that I am most happy tae do, me love.”


Six months of their marriage had passed, and yet Lorna still felt like every day was something new and fresh. They’d spent the first two months traveling around Scotland and down to London, and it was like the world had opened tenfold. She had met new people, eaten new food, seen new sights, and afterward, she’d felt like a different person. A new happiness had settled upon her life, and when she’d returned to her grandparents at the keep, even their relationship was different. She could see the different way they looked at her now, and after so many years of feeling overlooked and mistrusted, she finally felt accepted.

Bryce was also changing before her eyes. He had lost some of his old tension and was beginning to relax, smile more, and savor the life they had together. She knew that he would be a perfect Laird to her clan and a perfect father to their child.

His fingers were right then on her bodice, helping unlace it so that he could pull it from her shoulders. “I am nervous for ye tae see me body in the light of day. There have been so many changes tae it, with the new baby.”

He silenced her with a sweet kiss. “Ye are gaining in beauty every day, me love. I will always want ye because ye are ye.”

She sighed with surprised contentment at her choice of husband and reveled in the feeling of him removing her bodice. She untied her skirt and let the heavy wool drop to the floor. Her stays were soon freed, and her shift pulled from her body until it dropped to the floor.

He placed the washcloth on her neck and over her shoulders, down over her breasts and swollen stomach. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of tenderness as he cleaned her from the morning exercise. “So beautiful,” he said, brushing a kiss to her stomach, her breasts, and her shoulders.

“And what of ye?” she asked softly. “Do I nae get tae clean ye?”

“Aye, I suppose,” he said with a swipe of the cloth along her back. He nibbled her ear. “Although I am enjoying this greatly.”

She twisted around and grabbed the cloth. “Now it is yer turn tae undress,” she smirked and went to wet the cloth again. From behind her, she could hear his clothing fall to the floor, and when she turned around, he was fully naked before her.

His body had never stopped being impressive to her. He was tall, broad, and strong, and his muscles were well formed, creating beautiful lines along his skin, along with the scars he carried. Her eyes trailed from his face down to his manhood which was now hardened, long, and ready.

“Eager?” she asked in a teasing tone.

“Always, Lorna,” Bryce said seriously.

“Well, then I should be sure tae move quickly.” He closed his eyes, looking pained as she made her way with the cloth slowly across his skin, cleaning as best she could. She lowered before him and cleaned his length before dropping the cloth to the ground and taking his hardness in her mouth.

Bryce gasped and looked down at her, and she tried her best not to laugh with pleasure at the delight she was giving her husband. As her mouth moved up and down on him, she could hear deep groans coming from him. Soon after they were married, Bryce taught her that this was another way to pleasure him. It gave her great pleasure too, as well as power.

He touched her shoulders. “I want tae be inside ye, lass.”

She stood up again, and she could see the heated desire in her eyes. He took her to the bed and laid her down. The bed was high, and it reached to his hips. With a grin, he pulled her against him and wrapped her legs around his torso. Quickly, he entered her, and she cried out in surprise.

“See? I can surprise ye too, dear wife,” he said, looking down at her, and he began to move.

Lorna loved when Bryce took control, and her body moved in a familiar rhythm against his, lifting her hips to meet his thrusts as they grew in energy and passion. He swirled his hips against her, and her breath grew ragged. She closed her eyes, arching up toward him, feeling that lovely clench of pleasure in her limbs.

“Aye!” she cried as he continued to move faster and faster. He gripped her thighs even tighter as she trembled around him in her climax. She opened her eyes to watch him as he kept moving, new sweat coming out on his brow. She loved that she made him frenzied and wild, bringing out the manliness from deep within him.

After a few more harried thrusts, Bryce cried out her name as he spilled his seed inside her. When he was down on the bed, Lorna pulled him close. “Ye are perfect, Bryce,” she said. “I am so lucky at the husband I have chosen.”

“As am I.” He kissed her brow, still breathless. After a few minutes, they both got up and went to sit before the fire, still unclothed, to share in their meal.

“I didnae get tae speak tae ye yesterday when the news came in about Athol. Are ye happy that he has left? Gone away tae the New World?”

“Aye. I think after all this time, it was time he moved on. He willnae have an easy life in the New World, but it will be better tae have him away from Scotland. I didnae like the thought of him in the fort for so long.”

“Tobias told us of how he has fared all this time. But aye, I agree. And what has Fergus and Arrin said?”

“They are sad, but I think they believe they can now move on with their lives.” She bit into an apple as Bryce cut into a slice of pork.

“And Kyla,” Bryce said with a smile. “I wonder if she will be with us for long now. She has been spending a lot of time in the village of late, visiting with the butcher.”

Lorna laughed. It was true. Kyla was too ashamed to speak of it, but she was always willing to be the one to pick up the meat for the keep, and she knew just how handsome the young butcher was. “I hope that she does move on. She has deserved her own happiness.”

“Ye willnae be sad if she leaves?”

“Of course I will. But it will be a good thing too. I want her tae find love. It has been the thing that saved me life.”

“And mine,” he replied with a smile.

After their meal, they dressed slowly, and once he was ready Bryce said, “I am off tae assist yer grandfather with some new farming plans. He wants tae discuss them in his study.”

“Ye have become like a son tae him, ye ken that?” Lorna said, placing her hands on his chest.

“Aye, and he a father tae me. I never thought it possible.” He leaned down to kiss her. “I will see ye later in the day for our walk?”

“Aye. I look forward to it,” she grinned. She watched him leave, and she put a hand on her chest and sighed.

Life is a beautiful thing.

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