Highlander’s Sweet Vengeance – (Extended Epilogue)


Scottish Highlands 

October 19, 1304 

 Elsy cradled the baby in her arms. “Alistair,” she whispered while pacing back and forth, unable to stop looking at her son, birthed only a week before. “My beautiful, sweet Alistair.” 

“Can I hold him?” Scott asked, holding out her arms. 

Elsy smiled as she nodded and carefully handed Alistair to Scott. She watched the girl smile sweetly down at her new baby brother, taking in Scott’s long hair, now in a plait going down the length of her back. She was becoming a woman. It was so strange to see her now, compared to when they first met. Scott looked so beautiful in her blue dress. 

The door opened and both Elsy and Scott turned, finding Connell standing in the doorway, looking sheepish. “Is he asleep?” Connell whispered while tiptoeing inside. 

Elsy nodded. “I just got him to sleep.” 

“The lairds have arrived. Father wants us to greet them.” 

“Now?” Elsy asked. 

“I can watch him,” said Scott while moving to sit in a chair in front of the window. “I’ll be here if ye need anything.” 

Elsy pursed her lips, not wanting to leave her son alone, but knowing as the new Lady MacArthur she had duties to attend to. She gave a curt nod and allowed Connell to guide her out the door. As soon as it clicked closed, she wanted to rush back to Alistair’s side. 

“It will be alright,” said Connell while patting her hand. “A short greeting and then ye will be back at his side again.” 

Elsy sighed. “I suppose ye think I’m foolish.” 

“Not at all,” said Connell while brushing her hair away from her face. “I could never find a good mother foolish.” 

Elsy blushed under his gaze and leaned into his touch. “Thank ye, Connell,” she whispered. “Yer a good father, as well.” 

Connell grunted. “And a good husband.” 

Elsy chuckled and shook her head. “Humble, as always.” 

“Aye, tis a lad,” she heard Laird MacArthur boom. The man hadn’t stopped speaking about Alistair since he had entered the world. Elsy thought it both endearing and frustrating the way he spoke of his new grandson, as if he could already lead men into battle. “He’s a strong lad, too. Takes after me, I tell ye.” 

Connell and Elsy shared a look before breaking into a fit of laugher. “I wonder if he will ever stop boasting?” Connell chuckled, his voice soft as they drew closer to Laird MacArthur and the group of elderly men surrounding him. 

“I don’t expect him to anytime soon,” Elsy whispered. 

“Ah,” Laird MacArthur called, gesturing toward Elsy and Connell. “And here they are now. The happy new mother and father. This is my son, Connell.” 

Connell bowed his head dutifully. “A pleasure,” he said under his breath. 

“And his lovely wife, Elisabeth.” 

“Ye may call me Elsy, if ye wish,” Elsy said with a quick curtsy. 

“Tis a pleasure to finally meet ye,” said one burly Laird with a portly stomach and pinked cheeks. His beard was white and thick while the top of his head was completely bald. He was Elsy’s height, not very tall compared to the other lairds surrounding him, but Elsy immediately liked him. He seemed genuinely kind and looked her straight in the eye. 

“I am Ferguson MacDonald and this,” Ferguson frowned as he looked around, “well, where is she?” 

Elsy looked around, not knowing exactly who Ferguson wanted to introduce her to. She suspected it was his wife, but her gaze landed on Brann, speaking to a woman dressed in a beautiful red gown. Elsy tilted her head, wondering if the woman worked in the kitchens, but her attire was too immaculate to be a servant girl. Her brow furrowed as she noticed Brann’s freckled face, flushed bright red as the girl smiled up at him.  

After Connell returned to the MacArthur clan, his men had all gone their separate ways. Connell still spoke with Donald and Grant, who worked alongside Robert the Bruce, protecting Scotland from the ill wills of the English. Unfortunately, Donald had written that Glenton was able to talk his way out of the rope, given the lack of evidence against him. Elsy had given her testament, but it had been her word against his, and a woman didn’t have much say in a man’s world. Grant and Donald had been keeping an eye on Glenton, should he harm any others. 

Elsy smiled as she thought of Ian, who had met a sweet lass from the local village. They had married soon after Elsy discovered she was with child. She suspected it wouldn’t be long until they expected their first. 

Brann, unlike the others, had decided to follow Connell, pledging his loyalty to the MacArthur clan, and becoming a guard tending to the walls. Often, he was patrolling the battlements, however, today he had become distracted from his duties. Elsy didn’t blame him, for the young woman was quite beautiful. 

Elsy covered her mouth, trying in vain to hide her smile as Ferguson called, “Edina, lass, what are ye doing over there? Come over here and meet Laird MacArthur’s son and daughter-in-law.” 

Edina turned around, a soft smile on her lips as she sauntered toward them. Elsy’s smile grew as she watched Brann quickly stalk away toward the battlements. She noticed the confused look he cast toward Edina before continuing up the steps. 

“Good day,” said Edina while curtsying low before them. “My name is Edina. I am Laird MacDonald’s daughter.” 

Ferguson beamed, displaying his pride, and Elsy found him absolutely endearing. She peeked up at the battlements, her smile growing. “And how long will ye be staying with us, Laird MacDonald?” Elsy asked. 

Ferguson chuckled, his stomach shaking with the movement. “Through all the festivities, of course.” 

“Wonderful,” Elsy muttered, earning a perplexed look from Connell. She shook her head at him, her smile filled with promise. She would explain to Connell later what she had seen between Brann and Edina. “It will be our pleasure to have ye.” 

Edina smiled brightly and Elsy guided her inside, excited to share in this new life with Connell, within this castle she never thought she would be welcomed in. Finally, they had a family together, and soon, it might grow even larger.

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